Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Old Stuff

Update on sweet 7 year old: Thursday he said swim practice must be getting a lot easier, or he's getting better. He's getting better. It's very cool.
Little dude is asleep in the swing. I couldn't stand to get rid of a few things without making a record of them, so I scanned them. My friend Amy Dixon and her sister Deborah and I used to use those stencil-type letters that you had to rub on individually to make stationery prototypes that would potentially, some day get made into real stationery. Amy and I were about 10. I had to show you this one.

I also found (had delivered by my parents) a semi-Hello Kitty plastic thing for note paper. I had hardly used any of the paper because I wanted to save it because I thought it was so neat. 1976 San Rio.

Lastly, the little dude is doing very cute things such as laughing and putting his entire fist in his mouth. I think he will be standing on his own (holding on to something) soon. His reflux is better, but now he is teething. Brad thinks he is getting fangs, first. Those are the only ones he can feel. Although we know it's usually the bottom front teeth.
The first CCC swim meet is this weekend. I hope the parents can keep their Mr Hyde's at bay.
In house news, we are almost almost done. The cement floor was cleaned and sealed. The drawer pulls and towel rods got put up today. We have been enjoying our tree house bedroom for over a month. It is so awesome. Quiet. Relaxing. I have watched extremely little tv since we moved. The living room tv got moved to the exercise room, so the only time I watch taped Ellen is when I ride the spin bike. The bedroom tv is 1)too far away for me to see a)because it's small and b)because the bedroom is big! and 2) I used to watch tv before bed, and now we listen to Hank's relaxation CD. I made him 2 new ones last night. I took out the organ music. 1)because Brad didn't care for it and 2)because it had too big of crescendos I couldn't equalize with iTunes.
3)Would you like another numbered list?
4)Little dude is waking!

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