Sunday, August 10, 2008

names for the record

Just want to put these out as possible future Hodgy's
Bradley Hughes
Laure -it's not an H, but I just saw a French woman swimmer with the name.  Pretty.
Hannah Louise
Hazel June

Loving watching the American swimmers "kick bottom" as Mr. Monk would say.  Loved seeing Phelps win that 400 IM gold.  WOW.  Interesting how he and other freestylers "lope."  Glad to see Katie Hoff medal in 400 IM, but hope she gets gold in the 400 free.  She may already have, and I am watching on delay, but I just saw her kick bottom in her prelim heat.  Now, she goes straight to that final, no semis for 400 free.

Hank is screeching at the top of his lungs for his own enjoyment.  The first 1000 times he did it, it was cute, but now Mommy is getting a headache.  He's asleep at the moment.  I slept with him for a while.  I REALLY want a king size mattress so we can all sleep together for a while.  I don't know how we'll ever get him out of the bed, but he sleeps through the night when he sleeps in the bed with me.  Only wakes up once, maybe twice.  in the bassinet he wakes up 3-5 times.  Boo.


julie said...

I love the name Hazel! I was just thinking of that name the other day. Fun. (Not that my opinion is of huge importance to you! Haha!)

Anonymous said...

Kathleen Raymond shared your blog address with me. She is working at the school again. I am really liking all the pics of your sweet boy. Hope all is well with you!
Rebecca Royall

Timothy Hodgkinson said...

it's got to be Hazel...