Sunday, November 23, 2008

for the agnostics

Obama is our President-elect.
OU beat Texas Tech.
Do you still doubt God is taking care of the Universe?

Would I ever think I would be rooting for Oklahoma?  Is that how to spell rooting as in cheering for?

No, I don't think God watches NCAA football.  If God did watch NCAA football, we would have a National Championship game, and Texas would win every year.  That would get boring.

Some large bundle of joy wanted to practice crawling at about 2:30 am.  I watched the end of Legally Blond because I couldn't get back to sleep.  I had never seen it.  The last 30 minutes were plenty.  Brad and I also decided we definitely need another baby for winter because it's not fair for the other person whoever gets the mini-furnace.

Still working on Huck Finn.  Sum times I rully hev to thank bout wut ol' Jim is sayun.

Group Salsa class #2 this afternoon.  I have my final private lesson with DID on Wednesday.  He did try to sell me more lessons which kind of irritated me.  I know he has to, but still, he should be a little more intuitive about to whom he does the pitching.  I think I am going to take some more in short sucession, then stick with 1 group class a week.  Last week we did Cha Cha and Rumba.  Rumba is ok, except it's "sensual" and "showcases the woman."  I am not very interested in either one of those things.  I like the mental challenge of the new steps, however.
He demonstrated that many dances can be danced to non-Latin music by playing some Al Green.  "Have you heard this song before?"  Please, DID.  I was dancing to Al Green before you were born.

I am selling some junk on eBay to pay for my lessons.  It would probably be more time-efficient to give the stuff to Goodwill and try to get some more clients.  But, for some reason, it is very satisfying to me to sell the stuff - it gets rid of it, and I have some cold, hard Paypal cash out of the deal.

Lastly, I went to PT Tim at Dr. Spears'.  I had another cortisone shot.  Did I mention that?  My deQuervain's came back with avengeance after I didn't do what he said.  Anyway, PTT was awesome.  Said it probably had a C6 component - radial nerve.  He was very correct.  I already feel LOTS better.  And, he concurred re: hormonal component.  Still nursing my bundle.  Who would have thought that, either?  It's going great, and it's good for him, and I am home to do it, so why not?

We got our digital TV converter box.  Only $5 with our government coupon.  Thanks, government for keeping our TV on!

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