Sunday, November 09, 2008

Inspiring Book

I just finished reading The Braindead Megaphone: Essays by George Saunders.  It inspired me to get started writing the book I have been thinking about for several years, now.  I opened a new Word document today, but was distracted by the software update, then by my darling Hank, who only took 1 nap today!!!
Didn't go to my group dancing classes today.  Partly because I was feeding and consoling a teething Hank, and partly because I was afraid.  I am going to see if I can take my unlimited month of group classes in January.
BH and TH have worked tirelessly in the yard since TH arrived.  It looks awesome.  They figured out how to inexpensively and effectively screen in our new porch.  They just left for Target to buy baby proofing.  I don't care what everyone says about BH; he's good people.  Just kidding.  Everyone, including me, knows he is wonderful.
I loved the Saunders book.  I actually took the recommendation of Amazon after buying a book of Raymond Carver short stories.  The Saunders book is one of the best books I have ever read.
It was insightful, funny, and overwhelmingly honestly introspective.  It reminded me of Anne Lamont, but he covers many more topics and is hilarious in many different ways.
I now want to read Johnny Tremain and Huck Finn.  I was supposed to have read Huck Finn in high school, but I don't think I read much of it.
I wish TH would move here.  It's so great to see BH giddy and enjoying doing things with TH.
They are both such loners.  I should know because I am, too.  Although pregnancy and postpregnancy hormones have brought out my attaching side.
I have another private dance lesson on Wednesday.  It's fun.  I have been tapping more.  I am getting better.  I think it's just like triathlon training.  Yes, there is some cross-over with coordination, but the specificity principle still applies.  If you want to get better at distance running, you need to distance run.  If you want to get better at tapping, you have to tap.
Unfortunately, it's kind of LOUD.

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