Friday, March 12, 2010

Another one?

When the wolf knocks on the door the first time, the piggies have to run or get eaten. The third time the wolf knocks on the door, don't give him a key or even a copy of the key, protect the piggies, then get everybody out of there!

If everyone acted exactly the way I wanted them to, all the time, why would I ever seek God? Their "misbhavior" drives me out of the way so God can do God's job.

Because humans are imperfect, their blessings are imperfect. The blessings they bring may come in the form of pain and suffering.

Opinions are like fingernails: everyone has them. Sometimes they look beautiful, and sometimes we need a manicure.

In case you missed this one below: Dear Blessings, it is unnecessary for you to come dressed in a disguise. In fact, your disguise is annyoing. Next time, just come dressed as you are, a Blessing!

My new favorite song: Caroline by Brandi Carlisle. I love her voice, the melody, and the piano. And the arrangement. It's super catchy - warning.

OK, read then sleep then Lindy!!!

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