Saturday, June 11, 2011

Brent wood and pretending to work

HH was collecting bark out of the pea gravel in Brentwood Park this morning and calling it, "brent wood."  Makes sense to me.  Why else would the park be named Brentwood?  It's funny he likes to pretend to work.  I remember doing the same thing.  As if to say you aren't the only one who is too busy to play.  I also whispered to myself while I was playing like he does.  I know they are cute to no one else, but his speech impediments (which are developmentally normal, but impediments by adult standards) kill me.  The way he talks like Elmer Fudd.  He calls Sir Topham Hat, "Toppin hat."  In the cars movie, a truck says to "Lightening A'queen," I'm  not a Mack I'm a Peter Built.  Turn on your lights, you moron."  When Hank quotes it, he says, "I'm not a Mack, I'm a Federbuilt.  Turn on your back and foron."

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