Sunday, July 03, 2011

Trying Evernote: Click [Current Affirmation]

Also, took HH swimming at J pool. Got him to close his lips a few times to not inhale water. He floated in his floaty vest by himself for the first time today. Several times, too. He said, mom, don't hold me! And he closed his eyes and spun around, completely vertical in the water, smiling, sometimes with his lips open, and sometimes closed. He inhaled a few sips of water, but that didn't stop him from doing it, again. He also even wore his goggles, some. What miracles today.
I was wanted someone in particular to tell me good job, but I realize, again, that it is completely irrelevant to my happiness what anyone else thinks of me. It is harmful to a family to have resentments lingering and lingering, but in the long run, the best one can do, is the best one can do, and that's the best anyone ever does, at best.
I have an f-ing sinus infection which is probably a little of the reason I feel discouraged. Only an alcoholic can look at a something beautiful and see the tiny smudge on the back of it. All you need is love.

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