Sunday, March 08, 2015

Who we're dressing up for

I'm a personal trainer, so I say I get to wear my pajamas to work. I literally have, but now try to be a little bit personal trainer style. We're wearing leg warmers now and cuter tops. During the day, I like to make myself look presentable. Wear something I consider cute, put on a little makeup. I notice other women really doll themselves up even if they're not at work. We aren't seeing our husbands all day, and theoretically aren't trying to impress another dude. I guess we dress up for each other. Somewhat competitively, but somewhat to say, I care. Isn't it great we care?  After pregnancy and newborn years when all I wore were "homeless man clothes," I wanted to adorn myself, wear makeup, wear some relatively cute clothes. It took me a while to lose my baby weight with the first, and I haven't lost it all with the now 4-year old, but I'm still working on it. Still, I feel compelled to wear something other than pajamas when I leave the house, now. (In the house I'm all about pajamas). 

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