Sunday, November 18, 2007

hanging in

Feeling much better now that my neurotransmitters are tuned up.
Happily watched Tech beat OU last night. Sadly watched the ball slip more out of the hands of Michigan than it did of OSU. I may have said this before, but I like watching games where I want someone to lose more than my team to win. It's because it's too painful to watch your team lose, if they lose. But if you want someone else to lose because it would help your team look better, it's no big deal if it doesn't happen. Meanwhile, you get to watch some great football.
During the Michigan game, an architect came over to measure the inside and outside of our house in great detail for the City permits. He sounded like me, a woman, talking about football. He said something along the lines of, " I admire their athleticism and grace, but wouldn't it be nice if our society didn't revere people smashing into each other. What if 80,000 people gathered in a stadium to watch an engineer work and cheered when he came up with something great?" The second part, I am not sure about, but the first part, I definitely agree. Soccer is almost as brutal, a lot more boring, but probably equal or greater than football in terms of athleticism and agility. I do love swimming, and I think it's a great spectator sport. The Texas Invite is coming up Nov 28-Dec 1, FYI.
The architect also told a joke an engineer told him: it's just a little bit harder to communicate with an engineer than it is to communicate with the dead.
I came up with the opening line to my stand-up routine: We went to this Starving Artists' Sale last weekend. It was a real treat. Yeah, we saw a lot of pretty good paintings. We didn't buy anything, though. No, we just brought sandwiches for the artists....
Only 2 days of school this week. 4 days of swim team. Lana and Ernie are visiting. Should be a good week.

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