Monday, November 26, 2007

Still good = very cool

I like Robert Earl Keen, but I don't like the song that goes "feels so good feeling good, again." BUT, it does! I have felt like myself + nap times since TG. I also feel pleased and satisfied with the current organization of the house. We moved my desk out of Hank's room, Brad painted the china cabinet, Lana made really cute curtains, and except for the mattress, the room is ready for a baby!!!
I think I can go to work - all the jobs - everyday this week. I will start with today, but I am optimistic.
I even made progress on my part of the manuscript I am working on. Whoa.
I get to dog sit for a REALLY cute dog this week. I will try to take a pic.
Bad bowl news for TX, but the women's soccer won their national championships, and volleyball is seeded #1 in their NCAA championship games.

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