Friday, November 23, 2007


Had a great Thanksgiving, yesterday. Felt the best I have felt physically and mentally in about 7 months. Brad was very sweet, too. My parents are here, and we are enjoying each others' company. We ate at Luby's around noon. It was very crowded. We got it to go because Brad was afraid we would be sitting ducks for mass murder.
I backed up my computer and reinstalled everything onto my laptop. We moved the kitchen thing that was Brad Mom's that I use as my desk into the kitchen. It looks really good in here. And, the kitchen is where Brad does stuff on his computer all the time, so that is kind of neat. He spent a few hours sanding and painting the china cabinet to go in Hank's room. I get all misty when I think of how lucky Hank is to have Brad as a dad.
The china cabinet looks beautiful painted white with the insides still wood. I will have to take a picture and put it up.
Today, I am about to ride my bike inside, then I have clients at the J just from 8-9, then Brad and I are going to lift weights, then my parents and I are going to eat and possibly walk. Then THE GAME. I don't know what my dad will do during the game. He says he doesn't like football. It will be us women folk teaching Hank (probably erroneously) about football. That's ok. I had a bunch of half-worked NYT crosswords yesterday that my dad and I traded working on. Some were very mean. There was one where several of the clues were numerals, like 90 or 3 or 7. Then the summary clue was "what is held in 90, 3, 7." The answer to the summary was "the shift key," and the numbers were punctuations on a typewriter!!! Very mean.
Speaking of typewriters, Brad likes to watch Kid Nation, and there is nothing else on during that time, so I often end up watching it. Their challenge this week, including some pie ambulation, was to put in chronological order by date of invention these communication devices: tv, radio, phonograph, telegraph, telephone, and typewriter. Of course, some of the kids didn't know what a phonograph was! I thought the typewriter would have been first, but the telegraph was first: telegraph, typewriter, telephone, radio, phonograph, tv. I don't know if I could tell you the order in which digital technology has emerged. I think digital audio tape was the first, or I guess recording directly onto a hard drive, then CD's, then probably digital video tape, then dvd's, then I have no idea the difference between blue ray and whatever the other one is called. I am sure Hank will think we are totally square that we still have an bulky, analog tv, which I plan to have, if it continues to work. I heard we are going to have to get a government-issued converter box in the near future to watch an analog tv signal. I ramble, but I wonder how many folks of our SES do not have cable versus other SES brackets. It seems that on the eaves of every low-rent apartment building there are satelite dishes and cable tv boxes. How do you spell satelite? I have no idea.
OK, onto some video-taped tv shows and my favorite, biking inside!

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