Thursday, January 08, 2009

ah, domesticity

HH is asleep in his swing, a brisket is cooking, I just cleaned the kitchen. So June Cleaver. Except I have a blog where nothing is sacred.

We saw Olympic gold medalist Garrett Weber-Gale at HEB on Red River. When we first saw him, he was on the phone.  So, I waited until he got off the phone to approach him and say, Hi, Olympic swimmer Garrett Weber-Gale.  (I couldn't remember off the top of my head how he fared at the Olympics - 2 gold medals).  He said Hank was very cute and also big - bigger than his Godson who is 7 months old, I think.  No offense, but he is much cuter in person than on TV. He's tall, of course, but he has a nice complexion and pretty eyes.  I told him Hank was going to be a swimmer because he has a long torso.  Then, I started to say and disproportionately short legs, but instead I remembered long arms.  Unfortunately, Hank's arms seem very short to me. When he raises his arms above his head he barely clears the top of his head.  I am sure this is normal for babies, but not ideal for a baby swimmer.

Yesterday I rocked Hank in the rocking chair for one nap, which seemed like a good compromise from nursing.  I am just at skipping one feeding a day and trying to give him real food as much as possible throughout the day.  It seems like he is nursing more during the night than before. That is ANNOYing, but I am sure it will pass.  So, we got our sweet time, but still stuck to the program.  

I heard about a funny website on the news.

PS  Happy birthday, Elvis.

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Jackie said...

Meredith - just found your blog. HIlarious, sweet, wonderful (like it's owner!)... sorry to be so corny, but I was so excited to "see"you. We need some good music in Dallas... I know you're domesticated and all, but if you could find the time to drop in, we would love to at least have a jam session... our house?

Call us if you comup. Give love to Brad, Hank, et al, love, Jackie & Bobby Stephens (Dallas, Cornerstone?)

BTW - stopping nursing SUCKS (sorry!)... it's just that even though you enjoy the freedom, it's the end of a precious time with your bud...I cried and clapped at the same time! Of course, that was 20 years ago so perhaps sentiments have changed?