Thursday, January 29, 2009

falling asleep

Making progress with Hank's naps and bedtime.  Have snuggled him to sleep for all his naps this week, and at night he is waking up less.  He's been doing the nurse, then lie back and babble to fall asleep at night.  That definitely seems like progress.  Been reading Dr Sears to figure our what will work for us.  Lots of fervent opinions on both sides.  Almost everyone I talk with says CIO (cry it out).  Dr Sears and the attachment people say, "you may have heard about CIO, and it didn't feel right to you."  My experience exactly.  I guess you can't ruin a baby if you act reasonably and out of love.  So, if we continue to opt out of CIO, he will have plenty of future opportunities for independence and self-soothing.  I just can't imagine without language and with the brain of a 1 year-old, that he could understand self-soothing or not be traumatized by us standing there or worse leaving him alone in a room to cry.  If anyone left me alone in a room to cry or didn't hug me while I was crying I would be seriously pissed.
Go Dance, among many other places, is having a free day of dance on Saturday, Jan 31.

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Dawn H said...

we felt the same way with Katy....we did a different version of that if you are interested in hearing it and found that it worked tremendously and she really didn't cry more than 5 min.......hope it goes well...