Monday, January 26, 2009

where have I been?

haven't written down any of my delightfully eccentric thoughts in a few weeks.  last weekend had the flu.  it only lasted 3 days, but it was very unpleasant.  reminded me of withdrawal. recently, I was talking with someone about sleep deprivation.  being an expert on both sleep deprivation and hang-overs, I can say a large piece of discomfort and misery from a hangover is actually the lack of quality sleep.  (apparently, passing out, although mandatory after my drinking, felt like sleep, you don't get good REM sleep which is also mandatory.)

thank you, Jackie for your support re:nursing.  yesterday, for the first time, I didn't nurse Hank at all during the day.  I have to say they started to look fake by the end of the day.  he nursed for about 45 minutes at bedtime, then we snuggled without nursing, and he fell asleep.  if Brad snuggles him during the night, Hank wakes up less.  unfortunately, Brad is also sleep deprived, so he often doesn't wake up when Hank wakes up to eat, so he doesn't snuggle him post meal. 

have now gone to 1 month of salsa 2 class.  I like it.  yesterday, however, we did a move called the copa.  the dude swings the gal over so her back is to his side.  he is supposed to touch her waist and turn her back the other way in an inside turn (1.5 spins).  I think I have mentioned I wear as few clothes as possible to class - a t shirt and shorts.   only about 33% of the dudes found my waist.  the rest found my hip.  I don't really care, but HESUS KREESTO.  

getting more TMI, I may have mentioned I can now fit into my pre-maternity shorts and jeans. they used to be baggy and now are snugger but not in an 80's way.  I am happy for this progress and looking forward to/dreading a return to normal lunar cycles.  I am also afraid of this monumental movement of the earth, as I have had extremely unpleasant lunar cycles in the past without bc pills.  I'll just have to beg the ob for something stronger than advil but weaker than morphine.

yesterday in salsa class I found myself getting nervous, tensing up, and consequently messing up if I thought DID was looking at me.  of course, I did not actually use my eyes to see if my suspicion was correct, but in my peripheral vision, I could see his head was turned in my direction, and I am self-centered, so I assume he is looking at me, and not my dude or 2 other couples in our vicinity.  I have talked with a dude from Iowa State the past few weeks in class.  he is funny and nice and a good dancer.  I am so weird I want to express without flirting and without having to say I am married so as not to offend him by implying he is interested in me.  I do have intuition about these things, but it is clouded by paranoia and the emergence of my 13 year-old emotional self.  I do wear my wedding ring, which I love, but it is modest.  I don't want to wear my engagement ring because I don't want to cut someone's hand or face with my rock.
yes, much rambling. 
here's DID and me at the GoDance showcase.  I look like I am doing Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin.

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