Monday, February 02, 2009

making progress

Hank is making progress on sleeping without nursing.  Brad had to use the swing yesterday afternoon, but other than that, he falls asleep in the rocking chair or even better, rocking being held or after stopping nursing and just hanging out talking and waving.  The night before last he woke up and was crying and Brad wasn't able to calm him down so I gave it a shot.  I said hi, bunny.  He gave me a half awake and sad wave.  It was very sweet and cute and funny.
Went to 3 classes of free dancing on Saturday.  It was OK.  Very crowded, but nice people.  I got hypoglycemic during the 3rd class and had to leave early.  I kept wobbling every time I tried to turn.  I was afraid I had lost my turing ability yesterday at the beginning of class, but once I had a few tries at it, I got it back.  I took the intro to waltz and American tango.  Both of those were pretty fun because they travel around the room.  I wouldn't mind doing two-step or another traveling country dance, except I don't think I could stand listening to top-40ish country music.  If they had a 1950's-1970's country music dance class I would definitely go.
I am going to try to be comfortable and unnervous at the beginning of my lesson today rather than during the last 20 minutes.  Friday night I went to Drop in and Dance, merengue and salsa.  It was for very beginners, but was still fun.  I got to dance with DID several times.  
Getting my hair cut today for the first time in a year and a half.  I did cut my own bangs and had a very small trim in the middle, but I am hoping to get a great shorter haircut and donate my hair.  I found Pantene's Beautiful Lengths Campaign, which only needs 8 inches of hair.  Locks of Love requires 10".  I have done that one 2x, but it takes forever for me to get it that long and not end up Sinead O'Connored.  
Off to the J.

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