Monday, March 09, 2009

too sexy

I told DID some of the arms in salsa were "too sexy!"  He asked what I thought salsa was about, I did not answer, then he told me the stuff we were doing is rated G.  I should have told him he is going to end up with 9 kids if he keeps this sexy arms things up with all his students, like it or not.  I did not tell him that, however.  I just tried to do the sexy arms while thinking unsexy thoughts.
I have danced 4 days in a row and am going for 5 tomorrow.  It seems I don't have to start quite from square one with the uncomfortability when I dance that frequently.  Yesterday, I went to salsa, samba, and rumba classes.  The samba class was the most physically challenging.  It was taught by 2 English people, one of whom resembled a cockney hummingbird.  She was cute.

Hank goes to his 2nd week of school this week.

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