Friday, August 28, 2009

no news good news

Not much new except my mammary glands are shrinking back to their normally stealthy, pre-pregnacy, post-nursing state. It took about a week for them to cool it. O U C H. I was disappointed in this whole "reproductive process" with the pregnancy, birth, weaning pain thing. Oh, the kid's worth it. I guess. (Times 1 million!!!, and the quotation marks are supposed to be hilarious).
Drove to Gonzales, TX to get some dancing boots. They are SOOOOOO pretty. DID and I are going to do a C&W competition in Houston on Oct 10. I am playing at the ESD alumni BBQ reunion on Oct 9 in Dallas, so it's going to be a B U S Y weekend. We did some 2-step on Wednesday, and doing it in 3" Latin shoes is not very easy. I think these will be very adaptive. And, we're doing a cha cha, east coast swing, and waltz for sure. If I learn fast, we'll do triple two, also, and I could possibly get a placement.
Apparently, DID's first C&W competition didn't go great. I am looking at it more casually than my first triathlon (which I did enjoy on a purely spiritual level in my aerobars riding through the rain feeling like Lori Bowden, laughing through the run. Ouch transition...awkward...). Yes, I will do my best, but I feel very calm about it, and looking forward to it for 100% fun. First triathlon did something vaguely resembling breast stroke to avoid having to look into the scary Texas Lake - for 800 meters! I don't feel like I'll have to hold my breath through any of the dance competition. 100% fun. Hell, 110%!
Going to get off the computer to practice dancing.

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