Saturday, August 15, 2009

still crazy

For some reason my blogger was instantly translating into Hindi...
Realized I was in the middle of serious people pleasing with DID. Must be because he reminds me of dad. Decided to do a Rumba with DIT and the Cha Cha freestyle with DID (like the salsa one with other couples dancing at the same time). And I am going to do the Lindy/Blues team. I agonized over the decision, and I still feel guilty about it. It's my money, and I should take lessons from whomever I feel like. I am very loyal. And I guess the flip-side is I regrettably hold grudges. I realized the other day I am still irritated with my cousin for not intervening more at White Water when someone took my bikini top off. She didn't take it off. I don't remember who did. I was MORTIFIED, and I remember her laughing and pointing with the other people who saw. I was 12. Going to try to let that one go. And this one, too.
Having a hard time leaving the house, lately. Don't know why.
Supposed to go to the Hilton downtown tonight with BH. We are going to take the kid due to a change in babysitting arrangements. Hank woke up at 4:30 am this morning, and just started napping at 9 am. He woke up at 10 and Brad went and got him. He fell right back asleep listening to my new favorite song, "That Look You Give That Guy."
I guess he and Brad are both asleep, now.
I am going to Lindy class at 3 pm no matter how I feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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