Saturday, July 31, 2010

Been nesting and reading 700 page books

Just been busy with HH and cleaning and cleaning out the house. I am determined to get rid of these fungus gnats that seem to have no origin. Been scanning in more old stuff, backing it up on google docs, facebook, and flickr. Finished reading the Stieg Larsson trilogy and just watched the Swedish movie. Enjoyed learning a little bit about Swedish culture. They eat lots of sandwiches, drink lots of coffee, and are the opposite of puritanical.

Been looking for a job with no luck. Edited some papers via, but the end of the semester has brought an end to those jobs. Did get hired by Western International University and will be teaching an online class similar to the one I taught this spring. I am looking forward to that. I'll be wearing a Madonna mic and headset, and I will probably buy a webcam, but it's not required. I think they are cheap. BH was supposed to start school this fall, but is not going to. No comment.

HH is starting school at the J-ECP this fall. Theoretically, he can go 8:30-2:30 5 days a week. I wanted him in the MWF program, but it was full. I imagine we will be starting with a much abbreviated schedule. He does like school, though. Maybe he will get into it quicker than I think. Spring will be great for us because the new baby and I will be able to rest while he is at school. I want to be able to have enough energy to interact with HH (and baby, and BH) whenever they desire.

Nana got HH a few awesome toys and furniture at IKEA the other day. I had never thought much about looking there, but I did get him a dolphin there when he was an infant. I want to get a new highchair for baby, there, too. BH laughed I wanted to get HH an abacus. Kids having been learning to count for 2000 years with those things. Plus they have colored beads....

Not dancing much. Once a week with DID, and trying to practice at home by myself. He has been super nice and patient with me. I hope to learn all the routines for C&W comps in time to be able to perform them with him in about oh, a year or so. My SI joint is driving me crazy, however. 22 weeks as of yesterday!

Think that's about it.

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