Wednesday, July 07, 2010

not letting oxytocin make the decisions

Entertaining ideas about dog adoption, again. Samoyeds! What snapped me out of it was Brad describing a sweet, 16 year-old boy he saw on the news who wanted to be adopted. We should adopt him. The Texas Adoption Resource Exchange has LOTS of sweet looking kids ages 9-17! Of course, I realize the description is not going to say "this kid is a real pain in the neck," or have an unflattering photo of the kid shooting the bird or something, but what made me realize it was not reasonable to make this change at this time, because there were few I did not want to adopt. I don't really want a teenage girl, and I don't want a kid with severe physical disabilities.
So, we'll wait until this infant enters the world before considering bringing home one who is almost out of the nest. Texas actually pays for college for these kids. Pretty cool thing Texas does considering how many uncool things we do (TYC, for one, small example). But, I do want to remember the ideals of our family: community service, spiritual development, and proliferation of the species. #1&3 encompass kid adoption. #2, dog adoption.

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