Thursday, July 01, 2010

Oxytocin and the adrenal cortex

I was thinking I could stay in Austin while BH and HH went to MI for a few days. I am PG, I don't like the beach, they can have dad/son time, blah blah. I thought about how much I could work and get done around the house. Rest. Clean. Get organized. Um, no. I can't be away from HH for more than a few hours. BH, well, darling, it's half your DNA. Not quite the same draw, but I am clingier than usual to BH, too. It will be expensive if we all go, and therefore may not be in the cards, but if they go, I go!

Recent reading list completions:
Other Voices, Other Rooms I didn't care for it, but am glad I read something by Capote. I couldn't handle taking on his Pulitzer Prize winner.
The Old Man and the Sea The most uplifting tragedy I have ever encountered. I always knew I loved Hemingway.
The Road Jesus Christ another very sad story. I thought it would make a pretty good movie. Apparently, it already has been made into a movie....
The Girl Who Played with Fire I'm about 300 pages into which I don't even think is halfway. It's a little tedious because I feel like nothing has happened, but I guess like Capote his descriptions are rich.

Remember Me 4/5 stars from me. RPattz is an excellent actor. The story was compelling, and the movie was well-made.
Intermission Sucky British indie comedy with some heavy hitters.
Cinderella Man Medium. Like Crowe. Don't like Zellweiger. Like the happy ending of the traditional American movie.

Sick munchkin awakes!

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