Friday, January 06, 2006

Speaking of intolerance

Just got an email from a fellow student regarding the Gender and Sexuality Student Center on campus. Some intolerant bozos want to withdraw student funding of the center and require that it be privately funded. If I have to pay for countless things I don't use on campus - all the courts that use balls, all the buildings except Bellmont and Gregory, watering the grass in the middle of the day in the middle of the summer, keeping the classrooms at sub 0 - then the Young Conservatives of Texas can pay their $2 a semester or whatever it is bring peace and harmony to the world, or at least to the UT campus.
It is not a question of morality. That would be like questioning the morality of someone's being black. It is, however, a civil rights issue. Ga!

I need to do a major service project to restore my faith in humanity. Seriously.

I did swim in the new outdoor Gregory pool today. I wore sunscreen on my face and hands, but not the rest of me. I got a little tan. Weird. It is nice. VERY warm - 82˚. I don't know how they keep it that warm in the winter with no cover - maybe by wasting my student fees!!! Anyway, I also taught coached swim and recycled Coach Steve's workout from this morning which was appropriate because the only swimmer I had was a former LCA swimmer who now goes to Texas.

We already sold the Trooper. I took it in to get something fixed and the mechanic had a buyer.

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