Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tim left a few days ago. We pretty much worked on the house, ate, and exercised the whole time he was here. Now, Brad is back at work, and I am working more at the J.
Swam 3 x 400 IM this morning. My effort level increased with each, but my times stayed the same. Oh, well. Last week Steve gave me a pep talk along the lines that I will not swim as fast as I have ever swum every time I get in the water. I guess I know that is true.
We may get to get a new stove - they make restaurant ones that are 34". If we can put one in a residence, it is going to be awesome. I will definitely have to start a catering business to pay for it, however.
Took all my books and articles up to school so that I can do my writing up there. I hope that is going to work and that after having the office to myself for a year, no one will move in.
I am going to watch at LEAST the first half of the Rosebowl tonight. GO, horns!

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