Tuesday, March 13, 2007

at least it's dark out

in case I haven't given you my tirade, I don't care for daylight savings time. tonight, it is raining, which is awesome, so I think I can make it to bed early. a)DST makes it hard to get up early like decent, working folks do, b)DST makes it hard to go to bed early so that decent folks can get some sleep, c)DST does NOT save energy. the extra daylight, in fact, tends to make people use MORE energy driving around doing stuff and watching more tv and that kind of thing. d)there are few decent things I have done after 9 pm. maybe written a song back in the day, but it was well after dark and not affected by DST. e)someday, Arizona, baby.


Justin said...

well... A. daylight savings is the best thing of all time! and B. its too bad you can't see it that way!

Meredith said...

abcd and e trumps your a and b. sorry.