Sunday, March 25, 2007


I sell our old books and cds on amazon. some dorkus ordered a book and put PhD after his name for the address to which he wanted the book sent. I am sensing a forthcoming existential dilemna much like the one I experienced post IM #1. but, I hope I can maintain a sense of humility that all it means is that I wrote a really long paper that not very many people are interested in, I took a bunch of graduate classes, I worked for little money teaching undergraduates, and I have an awesome husband and family who supported me through the thing. it does not mean I am any smarter than anybody else, of which I am reminded when I talk with my old private school classmates. I have to look up words they use in emails to me. eschew. I am going to start using that one if I can think of a good context. I eschew staying up late despite the change in daylight. I eschew walmarts. I eschew mud.

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