Sunday, May 24, 2009

thinking problem

having a hard time not obsessing about the sexy arms thing in salsa.  figured out DID is a Scorpio, and I had thought he was a Sagittarius this whole time.  explains why I am a little afraid of him and I think of him kind of like my dad in a Greek tragedy sort of way.  today we did a Rumba thing where I am supposed to put my hand on his stomach.  I don't know why I find this extremely intimate.  dancer people don't think about it at all.  then I wanted to work on the end of our showcase routine  - something fancy.  he suggested a dip.  the first one is not so much of  a dip, but it is called a dip.  it's basically me standing on one leg like a flamingo, and with my arm around his waist.  I noticed I was putting my forearm on his back, but I wasn't touching it with my hand.  I guess I am afraid it's like a wildfire.  if I were to allow myself to commit to the sexy arms, we would have sex.  I realize this is unreasonable, but I am so black and white, that I just can't find any grey area.  it's all or nothing.  sexy arms, sex.  no sexy arms, no sex.  of course, I do not want us to have sex, nor do I think he is suggesting that, either.  I am so glad Shawn Johnson won DWTS.  maybe she can give me some advice.

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