Sunday, May 31, 2009

:22 of :110

Here are the first 22 seconds of my dance with DID at dress rehearsal.  The camera battery quit for some reason.  Probably taking too many videos of the kid!
As you may remember, Kathleen Wood warned me about PID after IMCa.  I wondered why I would get pelvic inflammatory disease after doing an ironman, but she meant post-ironman depression.  I can already feel the PSD (post showcase depression) sneaking up.  Although, not accompanied by an existential crisis like the IM was.
I am not feeling nervous, and after watching DID dance with many of us in his harem, I feel fine with the sexy arms, etc.  It's just part of the dance and not a big deal.
Now, I want to do a fund-raiser of sorts so that we can do a Rumba spotlight in December.
All the money paid to be in showcase beyond the cost of production goes to Lifeworks.

Turns out our song is 1:50, not 1:30.  And I would like to amend that I noticed my posture was not it's best, and my back break needs work.  I don't know how I am going to warm up without a partner on Sunday.  It takes me about 40 minutes to slow down the 3 and the 7 and "connect my arms to my body," while not contracting my biceps.  I guess I will figure it out when I get there.  We are supposed to get there 3 hours early on Sunday.  I don't normally wish I had a PDA, but I think I will wish that, then.  ipod, too.  Maybe BH will let me borrow his.... : )

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