Tuesday, May 12, 2009

long time gone

been updating my facebook status, annoyingly frequently, I am sure, instead of blogging.
Hank has not eaten at night for over a week.  it's getting a LOT better.  so good that I don't remember any dreams I have had for the past 3 nights.  wow.
had a hard time, hormonally this weekend.  I think BH was tired, and I was, too, and just before I left for my dance lesson on Sunday, I experienced him as being annoyed with me for being gone.  
consequently, I cried on the way to my lesson, then I cried a little during my lesson, then I cried at the end of my lesson.  I had told DID I hardly ever cry, which was true until that sad attack at On2 class.  now, it seems like the dam has burst.  I felt plenty content when I woke up yesterday morning.  Hank and I walked to get my watchband lengthened.  all the way up to near the Nighthawk restaurant.  this morning I woke up crazy early, but not worried or sad, just early.
I have a bunch of Jewish mothers as clients, and I am used to it, and love it, really.  so I am sure DID is used to having emotional women as clients.  I bet if he ever considered polygamy, since becoming a dance instructor, he has abandoned that fantasy.  all the listening and talking, and trying to be supportive without any of the rewards with us.
going to watch my taped SNL and DWTS and ride the bike!

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