Saturday, April 25, 2009

selling basketball cards

I have about 4 large binders' worth of basketball cards.  anyone have any idea to whom I might sell them?  I don't want to f with selling them off one by one.

last night accompanied B & N to Go Dance for the Drop-In and Dance.  we all got in free because they were new and I brought them.  I think I could have dropped them off, as they handled themselves with grace and much enjoyment.  but it was kind of fun to be there.  this teen aged boy who rotated to me said, "tell me when you are ready for me to turn you."  I smiled and said, "well, you get to tell me when I am ready."  I also danced with a perfectionist hot-head who decided to sit down after he rotated to me.  I felt horrible.  I was not giving him any advice, and I was following his robot steps, but he was very frustrated he wasn't cuing the turn at the right time.  I can relate, but I did not expect to "get it" on my first lesson.  progress, not perfection.  stayed for 45 minutes of the social dance.  got to dance with DID.  I hope he will say I was more relaxed.  I was trying SO hard to stay relaxed.  I know.  not going to work.  it's like trying to untie a knot with all your might!

going to the last On2 class today.  going to keep my chin up to keep my brain in positive mode.  hopefully, the neurotransmitters will beat the hormones today as the hormones of not being pregnant descend.  it's ok; back to work!!!

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julie said...

I have about 3000 records I feel the same way about. one at a time seems daunting. Trying to find a dealer to buy them all.