Wednesday, April 15, 2009

bad news funny news

our refrigerator KENMORE the WORST REFRIGERATOR IN THE HISTORY OF REFRIGERATORS broke, again, for the 2nd time in its short, 7 year life.  we originally bought the extended warranty, but when that sucked so bad we were going to have to wait for 2 weeks with rotten food in the refrigerator as instructed by the Sears representatives, we wrote them back to say, no, thank you, we would not care to renew our extended warranty, again.

funny news, on the way to take a bunch of food from the grocery store that I bought today to my parents' refrigerator, we saw an Indian run that was a walk.  a line of walkers, walking pretty slowly, with the tail person jogging up to the front.  there may be another name for it these days, but I am pretty sure Native peoples would want to claim this as a practice - the Indian walk/run.

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