Wednesday, April 08, 2009

my lips on top of yours

today at boot camp they were asking me about CPR and getting certified.  talked about circulation, AED's, and pocket masks.  "do you carry a pocket mask, Meredith?"  "no, Bob, it's just going to be my lips on top of yours."  bob's wife: "that sounds like more fun than you have had in a long time."

took Hank to J babysitting for the first time yesterday.  he cried for 25 minutes, so I opted to take him back home.  today it appears he has a cold.  I hope it's just allergies.  didn't know 14 month-olds could have allergies to airborne stuff.

signed up to dance salsa for :90 (that's seconds) with DID at Showcase on June 7.  the funds are coming from my birthday present money.  (most of the money goes to Lifeworks, a non-profit that serves needy children and adolescents.  it's a former beneficiary of the 3M half marathon, too).  I asked if he thought I could wear the same dress I wore on the cover of ifIhadahIfi.  he asked, didn't I want to get a new dress?  no!  not in the budget.  have I considered putting rhinestones on my clothing?  no, I have not.  yes, I guess one should ease into wearing rhinestones on one's clothing.  I do already have some awesome Latin dance shoes, of course!

supposed to go to Dallas tomorrow, but may not get to due to sick HH.  : (

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