Tuesday, April 21, 2009

soc dancing

when I first read The Outsiders, in my mind I read the word, 'socs' as "socks" instead of "soshes."  know what I mean?  and I didn't get it.  duh.  why are they called socks?  I think Cynthia's mom was secretly pleased that Cynthia knew something I didn't.  we were in Germany after 8th grade when I found out.  I don't blame her, because I think I came across as trying to be a smarty pants.  I was just dying for some approval, but I think it was hidden under the  unpleasant smarty pants-ness.

I went to deja vu salsa on Sunday.  I went to deja vu salsa on Sunday.  social dancing.  I stayed a whole 35 minutes past the 30 minute lesson - until after 9:30 PM!!!  I had one very successful dance with a kid brother, one fairly challenging and fairly successful dance with a kid brother's fancy best friend, and one medium success with an older brother.  I was mostly proud of myself just for showing up.

got a dress for showcase.  I need to get it altered if I am going to wear it.  sent the dress I already had off to get dyed red.  if it doesn't turn out, I will keep this black one and wear it.  got it at a website with some good stuff.

if you haven't seen it, already, garrett weber-gale has a neat website, also.  his most recent post has some videos of Olympic swimmers hanging and being Navy Seals.  it's neat.

here's our latest video.

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