Tuesday, April 14, 2009

as seen on Oprah

saw the lady who makes $40,000/month in ads from her hilarious blog.  I would be very happy with $40,000/year.  she writes about her boobs; I am sure I have talked about my boobs before, have I not?  come on, Oprah, read my blog, too!

been down with a sinus infection.  VERY tired.  feeling better this morning.  missing my parents a lot when I am sick.  Hank was sick for 2 days, fortunately, before I got sick.  I blame his 25 minutes in babysitting last week.  ended up taking some antibiotics that I thought had made me nauseated.  took them with pizza the first time to avoid side effects.  called dr lamy (so easy to call him dr lamo!) to refill my last antibiotic for my last identical sinus infection.  nurse called back to tell me I would have to come in for an appointment.  this is why, we the people, self-medicate.  if a 37 year-old, college educated, sinus infection aficionado can't recognized her own illness...

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