Saturday, October 10, 2009

back to trugding the road of

So sleepy tonight, then woke right up at 2:00 AM for some reason.  Thinking about my showcase fundraiser, need to get back on the donation solicitation band wagon.  Garage sale - 1 step at a time.  Start with pricing a couple of items each day.  Spending some structured quality time with Hank each day.  I think it's time to move from organic and self-directed play, towards some slightly more formal exposure to different activities.  Gradually, for fun and for free, but with mom as a fun leader/companion.
Finished Breaking Dawn.  Loved the series, but sad it's over.  I find myself drifiting off to sleep dreaming about Edward and Bella.  Looking forward to some where I star as Bella.  : )  I know my subconscious is good for it.  OK, back to sleep.  Still sleepy.  Must be alert for Lindy and Blues practice tomorrow.
Enjoyed having the 95% relaxed Brad on the trip this weekend.
Enjoyed watching high school from a distance and without pain that used to accompany it.  No longing, just peaceful observation and delight.  What a miracle.

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