Thursday, October 15, 2009

it's the B's

I think I have felt like a "normal person" for the last week or so due to getting enough B vitamins.  That's the only variable in my intake that has changed, and it's been easy to do the things I had planned, and leave the house when I intended.  I suppose this, too, shall pass, but I am riding it as long as I can.

Just got some really awesome news.  I get to teach a class at UT in the spring.  An undergraduate class I took as a grad student for my diss - Theories of Substance Abuse Prevention.  Wow.  That is so awesome!!!

Had a lesson with DIT for the 1st time in a couple of weeks.  Took longer to remember the routine, consequently.  And I think we are getting rid of the hug.  Mostly because I am having a hard time getting out of it.  He is so sweet and fun.  Tomorrow a double whammy with DID then DIT.  I am looking forward to it.  (I should say today, because I woke up hungry at 2 am).

I've been bugging DPB to become "official dance partners".  I don't think he's into the idea.  Maybe for obvious reasons, but maybe I am being silly.  I keep fantasizing about how awesome it would be to have a dance partner, and frankly, him in particular.  We practiced together the other day outside regular practice, and it would be so fun to practice with the same person all the time and for free.  He is reasonable and not creepy, and it seems like our strengths and weaknesses are well-balanced.  I am so inclined to force my will on people, though.  I think I need to let it go.

I woke up hungry, but I also woke up thinking when I tell myself, or DID tells me to "relax," it has the opposite effect.  I was kind of tense about not remembering parts of the Rumba, and it did not work to tell myself, "relax!"  It only works to tell myself to "relax" in the same way I would tell Hank to "relax."  I felt plenty relaxed in my consciousness.  I even enjoyed the crazed giddiness of the swim teamers yesterday, but for whatever reason was irritated at myself for the brain farts.

Listening to Bon Iver.  DPB and my friend, Dane, mentioned them regarding ACL, and Dane highly recommended I get the 2 records.  He is awesome.  I was thinking that Dave Matthews' Before These Crowded Streets was the last record I wanted to make-out to before these 2.  "Blood Bank" is seriously hot.  I think the last time I made out to DM was in the year 2000.  That is funny.  Colorado.  I tried to make out with Brad to Bad Company, and he made fun of me.  I could have laughed, but it hurt my feelings.  It was kind of funny.  That was probably in 2003 or 2004.  I remember I wanted to make out with TZ to DM, before I met Brad.  That is pretty funny, too.  Seems like God led me with that record - from CO, to TZ, and all the way to Brad.

Hank reportedly had a "great day" at school on Tuesday, despite crying when I left.  That is the most heart-breaking sensation of all time.  And I had to keep talking myself down off the ledge of heart-break, but I got SO much cleaning done, and saw a client while he was at school, so it was a great 4 hours for both of us.

OK, ate some waffles.  Back to bed!

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