Wednesday, September 23, 2009

funny blues practice

Had a lesson with DIT and DPB for the first part of the blues part of the lindy/blues routine since I am going to miss practice on Saturday.  I am getting a little better, at least internally, about full body contact.  DPB is extremely unweird and uncreepy.  It is me who is weird and creepy.  haha.  It's the "act as if" phenomenon at work, for me (probably plus some pheromones and some astrological convergence).  Like I have mentioned, I don't think the arms in salsa are particularly sexy, especially what the guy does, but touching his shoulder and running my hand down his arm, whoever he is, with the right he, on repeat, makes something physiological happen to me.  I know I have self-control, and it's not like it's an uncontrollable desire, but take my body, and my brain follows.  Works for and against me.
Feeling a little calmer about going MI.  BH surprised me by taking off today and tomorrow before we leave.  He wants to study, but he is going to pick up Hank from school so that he can see the school, and I can stay at my bonus lesson with DID until the end of the hour.  I have a desire to confess my crazy thoughts to DID, but I don't think he cares, and I don't know if it would make it worse or better.
DPB, CS-D, and I are going to the Fed tomorrow night.  I don't have to set my alarm to wake up early tomorrow or Friday.  Woo Hoo!!!  I will probably be up by 5:30 tomorrow, but I could lie there as long as I want to.
The funny thing that happened at our lesson is that there is a part where I take DPB by his tie and walk in front of him, kind of slowly, with attitude, Dee said, and DPB said "that's hot."  I think he was kidding, but I did start blushing.  I said I had never done that before to anyone.  He and DIT laughed and said "someone has homework."  BH will, theoretically, be wearing a tie on Saturday.  I am hoping at least someone, be it Dawn, Dave, Katy, Dylann, Amy, Jeff, anyone, will entertain Hank for a few minutes to give BH and I some alone time.  It's been at least a couple of months, probably longer.  This puzzles me greatly.  Don't all men want to have sex as often as possible?  I'm all about putting on a tantalizing outfit, but Lord, let him start the ignition.  Or at least get out the driving directions.  Or type in mapquest.  I'll take it from there.  It doesn't take very long.  30 minutes from start to finish?  It's not like I need an hour of foreplay or anything.  A couple of sentences phrased in a certain way is plenty.  Sorry to get lewd, but holy cow, I get exasperated.  Help!
At the same time, I am enjoying having my body back!!!  If we aren't trying very hard to get me pregnant, I will probably end up pregnant.  I don't believe God micromanages my ovulation.  Unfortunately, I am stealthier than I was prepregnancy.  Oh, I don't know if it's unfortunate or not.  It annoys me, but they felt enormous to me while pregnant and nursing.  Now, I feel like I have my high school body, again.  Although, 20 pounds denser.

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