Thursday, September 24, 2009

actually went

Went to "The Fed."  So proud of myself for actually going, and grateful DPB and his GF escorted me.  Now, I feel very comfortable to go by myself.  Lindy and swing are smiley dances.  I can't help but smile the whole time.  Especially Lindy.  Especially dancing with DPB.  When we do a swing-out, especially to open, there is so much tangential force, it's like a very powerful merry-go-round.  So much more fun even than a backspot turn.  Next time I'll go by myself and ask people to dance I don't know!  I know, wild.  It was funny DPB told me he and his GF had been dating "off and on" for a while after I asked how they met.  He didn't need to include the off detail.  But, only a man would not think that was weird.  He was so sweet and attentive to see that she was ok if he wasn't dancing with her.  I can't believe he's not married.  Maybe he has a 3rd nipple.  Just kidding.  He seems like Brad in that he is all things wonderful.  And, he dances!  Brad is still all things wonderful even though he refuses to even try dancing.  That makes me sad because I think he would like it (especially swing and lindy), and I think it would be good for us, but I need to respect his desire and lack of.  I don't think there are many things I wouldn't try once.  I will try to think of something.  I don't want to try juggling with fire.  I don't want to try eating insects.  Hm, that's about all I can think of.

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