Saturday, February 25, 2006

leg keeps getting better

But is not totally well. I jogged about 10 steps in the hall to the water fountain. Nope.

Well, what I was thinking earlier this week was that at almost 34 years of age, at some point I think it would be lecherous for me to have a crush on a 22 year old. However, physically, I feel 22. I think, I don't know because I was so absolutely miserable and out of it at 22. Mentally, things just get better and better. Clearly, I am still plagued with obsessive thoughts, but I am learning that this is human, and not pathological.

Going to try to volunteer at the short course meet as my birthday present to myself. Also, maybe some waxing and facial. TMI?

I am up at school working on my proposal. I am really getting into it and wonder what I will do when I finish.

Oh, yeah. I am giving up facebook for lent - which starts Thursday - Jesus said it was ok to postpone it.
So, I imagine my blog will be frequently updated.

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