Saturday, February 18, 2006

Stewart Smalley/MJ dialogue

When Michael Jordan was awesome he was on SNL with Stewart Smalley (Al Franken).
SS: Michael, when you are shooting baskets and playing basketball, do you ever think, 'there is no way I can shoot this basket. I am a big fraud. I am not good enough. I can't do it.'?
MJ: No

I am totally tapered. I am rested. 3m was easy to run even faster than I am going to run tomorrow. I have enough fuel. I run well in the cold. I am going to go out conservatively, and I do really well when I go out conservatively. (The only time I am ever conservative!!!) I run well downhill, and it's a mostly downhill course.

I was being super negative nelly earlier, but now, I am thinking Olympic gold medal.
Also, now that I can complete the 400 IM, I decided my winter Olympic gold is slalom ski racing.
I am definitely wearing a helmet, though, because I don't want those gates to hit me in the face.
My nose is too pretty.
OK, a little chamomille tea and I am off to bed. 8:15. AWESOME!

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