Monday, February 20, 2006

on account of I am still an addict!

I started to go up to my office yesterday. Pushing the gas pedal and brake was painful, as was walking, and standing on the bum leg. Brad said I looked similar to Jar Jar Binks initiating movement. Yes, very sympathetic. (But, Brad does get huge props for taking us to the race in terrible traffic as well as picking up a weepy and cold MH on Red River.)
Anyway, I called the UT nurse line and they said come in. I did. They did xrays. No stress fracture. That was my biggest fear. They did a blood test for a marker of compartment syndrome, the only other major concern. Nope.
So, they said go see an orthopod today. Meanwhile, I am walking around on crutches. This is extremely challenging. My infraspinatus muscles are extremely fatigued. As are my forearms, etc.
Anyway, glad to have the use of all 4 limbs. Find out what the deal is later this afternoon.
I need to double check the adapted DSMIV diagnostic questions for exercise dependence. I think because I didn't go running today, I am in the clear.

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