Wednesday, May 10, 2006

on my way to 21000m

took justin to swimming and cdl for his burfday. didn't know you could eat vegetables for breakfast. they were good. we couldn't figure out exactly what kind of "milk" was with the oatmeal. they definitely don't drink real milk.
WU 300 fr, 300 kk

2x(3x25 catch up regular, 3x25 catch up from shoulder, 1x75 catch up from elbow - most like swimming)

I. 3x300 dec 1-3 on 6:30 - this was over a minute rest even on the 1
2x50 ez on 1:15
3x200 all out on 6:00 - this was also tons of rest. steve said go fast
2x50 ez on 1:15
3x300 desc 1-3 same

2x(3x100 kk desc 1-3 :10R, 50 ez, 3x50 desc 1-3)

CD 300 pu, 100 IM

if I swim 3500 yds tomorrow, 5m on friday, and at barton sat I will be at all time high.

walked/ran yesterday. seriously got my speed walk on. ant tibs are SORE. no leg pain by fibula, though.
going to shoot for tomorrow, but not if I can't dorsiflex my feet.

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