Thursday, July 09, 2009


BH won't try dancing. thought I might be able to get him to do Lindy, but no. of course, when we got married, I was a triathlete, and so was he, although he had stopped swimming. I don't ask much for recreational activities. I know he feels overwhelmed with work, etc. won't push it, just feel lonesome. at least Lindy isn't sexy, though. although I think it would be very good for BH and me to do a sexy dance together. it would have some meaning. kind of like having sex to procreate. is that TMI, world? forgive me.
going to a Lindy social dance Saturday night after we go to a wedding in Bertram. going to be a long day because CCC has their last meet, and I have to be there at 6 am. I have a lesson in the afternoon, then the wedding, then making myself leave the house to go dance! I don't teach on Sunday morning, just have a client at 11 am. think I can handle that. tonight, I get to go to salsa class and am going to try to stay for at least some of the shines class that starts at 9 pm! ouch. I have clients Friday morning from 5:30-11:30, then a lesson at noon. but then, nothing else. although getting a baby sitter is cutting into my lesson funds. I don't feel like leaving my child with someone for less than $15/hour. you are caring for my precious angel. $9 or $10 an hour means you could just watch tv.
we have 2 weeks off gymnastics due to the AJA school schedule. I hope he can jump right back in. he has really made a lot of progress since we started - socially and physically. yesterday he kept wanting to hang from the bars. he pointed several times to the high bar on the uneven parallel bars, but didn't want us to let go. he swung quite a bit from lower bars, however. he also loves doing assisted back flips/rolls from various equipment. he also likes to hand people things, so he tries to hand the other little kids beanie babies. it makes him look very generous, but I don't think we can go that far in the interpretation. he has warmed up to the head coach quite a bit. I feel bad for the other girls he is still shy towards them. he likes them, I tell them, he's just very cautious. and he still turns around and backs down off anything higher than 6 inches to get down. that is extremely cute.
OK, off to ride and watch so you think you can dance.

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