Thursday, July 09, 2009

indoor pools Austin, TX

I noticed lots of people get hits on this site when they google "indoor pools in Austin." a couple of summers ago, I was lamenting I couldn't find a good one near enough to our house. here's a list of ones I know about: (I don't think any of these have a drop-in option, but I could be wrong).
YMCA Town Lake - I think people like it, but you have to be a member.
Texas Swim Center - awesome, but kind of pricey, bad parking, and not great hours.
24-Hour Fitness Hancock Center - I didn't care for it because people didn't shower before entering after exiting the sauna. theoretically, it would be fine, but it grossed me out. it's a small, 25 m pool (3 or 4 lanes)
Lifetime Fitness - don't know much about it, except it's way northwest. supposed to be neat.
Body Business - don't know much about it, except they use bromine, and some people are allergic.

Those are all I can think of. Lost Creek has early morning masters to avoid the sun. I LOVE swimming there, but it's not practical with the baby and Brad. Many City of Austin pools are free during the summer and have lap swimming beginning at 7 am. Stacy Pool is free and heated year-round and has lap swimming all the time, but it's pretty far south. Barton Springs opens at 5:30 am and is free for some of the morning and late evening.

Please leave me a comment if you have suggestions or more info.

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