Saturday, July 04, 2009

happy birthday, USA

enjoyed practicing my charleston and changing weight while changing feet while letting the hip roll around and back (for Latin). got to take a leisurely shower, too, as BH and HH are asleep.
world, in order to protect the innocent, I can't tell you exactly what thoughts are banging around in my brain. I will say, my mind is like a dark alley, don't go in there alone (that's stolen from double a). and I still have the propensity to become obsessed with people and things. at least not with places. hey, that's progress. I also am very influenced by what is in front of me, so out of sight out of mind is true for me. it's on a little bit of a delay, but it does work. I have and hope to continue to act like I want to act, although my brain keeps telling me something different. it does feel a little like angel vs demon, although, I don't believe in hell or the devil. but if the ism of alcoholism were a demon, it's the ism that is getting me at the moment.
loving learning lindy and charleston and east coast swing. it's not sexy, and it is fun. I am still loving the Latin dancing, but as I have mentioned before, sometimes it feels like a can of gasoline next to an open flame in a room full of pure oxygen. I wonder if I can enjoy that energy without doing something the angelic Meredith doesn't want to do. I am so black and white; this seems like an opportunity to learn how to hang out in the grey area. can She do it???
went to the Mexican American Cultural Center on Thursday for the 1st Thurs Pura Salsa Social. it was neat, but on this rare occasion, not enough boys. and it was HOT in there. Marion, the organizer was very friendly and introduced herself to me. I appreciated that. and I didn't have to dance with a couple of people that I don't care for dancing with. I did not get to dance with everyone I wanted to dance with, but did get some fun in.
this weekend Go Dance is not having classes or deja vu. I already miss it! next Thursday I am going to go to "the Fed," the Women's Federation for their swing night. next Saturday if I can stay up until 9:30 (unlikely), Go Dance is having a lindy/swing/some other unsexy dances social dance.
hoping to get a bunch of junk together to have a yard sale soon. I need to put prices on everything.

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