Thursday, July 16, 2009

week flew

haven't had swim team for the first time in 6 weeks. this week has flown by. yesterday got to take HH to a private swim lesson in Westlake with Coach Don. HH did well, but about 75% of the kids in the classes were crying, and by proximity, I think, HH cried a little. he normally giggles or has his mouth wide open while we are in the water, so I do think it was the power of suggestion. fancy pool - 2 lane lap pool in someone's backyard. stopped by Lost Creek to see Coach Steve. had a nice visit. I do miss swimming there and the kids, but not the kids' bargaining with me (or trying to) and not getting in or getting out when told to. and I saw on some news about recent discoveries in fetal memory. of course, everyone says avoid stress while pregnant. most people wouldn't think coaching a kids' swim team would be stressful. for me it was!!! poor HH can blame his ADD on me [and those kids]!
hoping to get to go to salsa class this evening. hoping to get to go more regularly during the week during BH's break. still trying to start getting things ready for a yard sale. started the first few pages of Lady Chatterly's Lover last night. why have I waited 37 years to read this? so far, it's delightful.
wrote to John Cornyn, Kay Bailey, and oh, that bozo congressman I can't think of his name all of the sudden, to get rid of don't ask don't tell. my favorite recent headline was from the Onion. Congressional repeal of don't ask, don't tell: "don't tell, let us guess." haha.

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