Friday, July 17, 2009

full lotus

excited I got into full lotus with both my right foot and my left foot on top. know what I mean? I don't know if I've ever been able to do that much less switch feet. I can't keep both ischial tuberosities on the ground with both sides, but I can on one side. exciting!
went to salsa class last night even though around 7 pm, I didn't want to go anymore. glad I went. (thank you to Nana for watching HH). except for stinking up the double r turn about 66% of the time, it was fun. had a fun "dance it out" at the end of class until the dude put his hand on my sacrum which seemed an awful lot like my butt. prior to that incident I had never been creeped out by that dude at all, so maybe it was an accident. maybe.
going to try to make myself go tonight even if at 6:30 pm I don't feel like it.
had to hold a flashlight while BH shoveled a dead cat away from our air conditioning unit out to the street. my part was hard! not really. I didn't have to smell it. ew. it appears our feline friend died from some natural cause. (not maimed or anything). never seen him or her before, though. poor kitty.
going to watch some NBC reruns, ride, and dance!

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julie said...

Bound for So You Think You Can Dance?! I'm envious!