Friday, April 14, 2006


things to be grateful for:
light holiday traffic
awesome parking spot due to holiday
no clients due to holiday
my own office with mood lighting and my own thermostat
all day npr on wbur
had a great swim

construction noise!
MS Word/formatting this $%^& application

swim was
WU: 200 free
500 K with fins
200 dr/br

2x (100 fast, 100 mod, :20R. 2x50 EZ, :10R, 3x200 descending 1-3. 3 is all-out :20R) :30R between whole sets

8x50 fly K on back arms down, fins
6x50 br
4x50 free all out

CD: 2x300 pu dps
100 EZ

taking my guitar in to get it to play the correct notes all the way up and down the neck. don't know if that's possible, but worth a shot.
going to work until 4ish.
riding with marie in the morning. I hope she doesn't kill me. surely it won't be harder than riding with BRAD.

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