Friday, April 21, 2006

listening to music

had a yen to hear tom waits tonight. thought about jonathan cole. got to see him about 6 years ago, I guess, in dallas. met his wife whom he met in japan. wonder how he is. he and chesley. chesley and I literally slept together - slept in the same bed. ok, passed out. they came over for dinner one night with amy dreiss when I lived on enfield. I made spanikopita. I slept in chesley's bed another time. I met them through jennifer/grace and luke/curtis. what sophistocated, wild days. chateau neuf du pape or something like that. rolling drum tobacco cigarettes. listening to tom waits. reading henry miller. and eating at les amis. jonathan first told me about gillian welch. funny.
yes, I am up late!!!

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Greg said...

Hey Meredith,

I used to go watch you play in Dallas years ago. I played bass in Transona Five, if you remember them.

anyway, nice to find you again, and I will come see you play at Starbucks, it's on my myspace calendar.