Sunday, April 02, 2006

did I mention I don't like to save daylight?

Made myself get up a little earlier than necessary today to try to ease into this thing. It was hard.
Rode to Kyle yesterday. It was essentially 30 miles hard, 30 miles easy. Very windy from the south on the way down. I was pooped when we got home.
I am very happy I don't teach at the J this morning. Last week I had a little epiphany during class that it's like Groundhog Day (the movie). You get to have the exact same experiences over and over so that you may be your best at them. I also think taking breaks is good. I was more patient with the tri ladies last week. I hope my patience continues to grow. I guess I have identified my pet peeve in life. I am explaining something, someone is talking to their neighbor instead of listening, someone asks me a question that I have already answered had they been listening the first time. Why does this make me homicidal? Well, I guess that's my problem. Take breaks! 18-60 year olds do it, so there is no escape. Must adapt!
I am going to ride the trainer this morning and watch my taped Thursday night TV. BTF. I don't have to leave until 10:10 am. Whoo hoo!

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