Friday, April 28, 2006


having euphoric recall about being 21 and 22. I was not having a good time looking for the elusive, ephemeral drunken evening. yet, looking at people's facebook pics makes me compare my insides with their outsides. yes, it does look like fun, but I didn't ever have actual fun doing that. yes, it is titilating, but it was not fun to play games and try to be coy in the mating game. being hungover, blacked out, passed out, not fun. I never drank one beer in my entire life. even as a 12 year old. I also "dated" more than one dude. not fun.

swam 4500m this morning.

WU 400 fr/dr/fr/dr
300 pull
200 fr/dr
100 kick
50 fr

1-5 EZ
6-8 desc
9-10 holding 8 pace
11 all out

11x100 kick same as 200's

CD 150 not free

supposed to storm tonight and tomorrow morning.
we might swim in Barton in the morning if it isn't lightening.
found my buddy jonathan through google. get to meet his SON and visit with him and his wife next week.
wanted to reconnect with my old buddy stewart lupton. maybe I will put that out in the universe, too.

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